Whenever I think of introductions, I think about junior high school teachers. It seemed like just about every one of them made us stand up, say our name and a fun fact about ourselves on the first day. I always wanted to flex my fun fact that I talked to Harry Styles at a One Direction Concert, but in attempt to keep my “middle school cool status” I would always chicken out and say something lame like, “My name is Leslie and my fun fact is that I play soccer.” Other than my name and the fact that I still try to seem like I’m cool, a lot of me has changed since then.

Now, my introduction looks a little more like this: “Hi, my name is Leslie and no I actually quit the soccer team.” This was my introduction to pretty much everyone I met in college because everyone knew me as the girl who was signed to the soccer team.

As you can tell, soccer was my thing. Not because I was playing at the collegiate level, but clearly because it was cool enough for me to share with my fellow middle school peers. Turns out, soccer really wasn’t it for me. This has a point! I’m getting there.

Quitting something that took so much of my energy, time and emotions really opened doors for things I was really passionate about. I’m passionate about leadership and I’m passionate about creation. So, here we are.

Here’s to following our passions, new beginnings and doing something that scares us. I hope that this can inspire someone else to take a leap, and to stand up and say the fun fact they were scared to tell their class. So,

“Hi. My name is Leslie and I talked to Harry Styles about a joke book at a One Direction concert in 2013 and it was the best day of my life.”

Thank you for reading, let’s be friends!

XO, Leslie